The Benefits of Doing Spiderman Pushups

Pushups use your body weight to build flexibility, balance, and strength. Push-ups are good to increase the strength of your upper body, which includes the Spiderman Pushups.

The Spiderman Pushups allow you to gain the benefits of most Pushups, but at a higher level, as Spiderman Pushups are a level higher and as they also focus on your core. These workouts strengthen your upper body and core more than any other Pushup can.

What is the Spiderman Pushup?

The Spiderman Pushup works to help you get the most out of your workout. It works on your arms, chest, shoulders, and core. It also engages your legs, hips, and quadriceps.

While regular Pushups work on the same muscle groups, Spiderman Pushups present more challenges to your core muscles.

Spiderman Pushups are called such because they imitate the climbing posture of Spiderman, the superhero. Do you remember Spiderman’s most popular position of having his chest pressed towards the ground?

Benefits of doing Spiderman Pushups

Spiderman Pushups are a notch higher than regular Pushups. This exercise, just like. All exercises can benefit your body in many ways.

• Reduces Risks of Low Back Injury

Doing Spiderman Pushups reduces your risk of developing a lower back injury. This exercise keeps your spine aligned and neutral from possible injuries. Spiderman Pushups simultaneously increase the strength of your anti-rotation base and many muscle groups.

• Makes your Arm Muscles and Chest

The Spiderman Pushups allow your arm muscles and chest to work harder. This increases the resistance of your muscle groups and quickly strengthens them.

• Allows your Body to be More Flexible

The Spiderman Pushups make your body do various movements. It also stabilizes and controls your movements to make you do everyday tasks with ease.

• Builds a Strong Upper Body

Spiderman push-ups help you to have a strong upper body by working on your abdominal muscles. This exercise also strengthens many of your muscle groups allowing you to have an efficient workout.

• Stabilizes your Back and Abdominal Muscles

Spiderman Pushups maintain your back and abdominal muscles. These exercises also work on your obliques and rectus abdominis, more popularly known as the “six-pack” muscles.

• Burns More Calories

The more movements you do, the more calories you burn. Spiderman Pushups require more energy to do than regular Pushups, thus it burns more calories.

When it comes to weight loss, you might be surprised to learn that cucumber is a highly beneficial vegetable, which will surely come in handy if you want to lose weight.

How to do Spiderman Pushups?

If you are already able to perform traditional full Pushups, the Spiderman Pushup and its many variations can further target many muscle groups, obliques, and core.

These Pushups can also engage your lower body (quadriceps and hip flexors).

It does not take much effort to get started with Spiderman Pushups. All you need is a mat and an exercise area.

1. Start in a plank position. Fix your hand and shoulder distance with your hands slightly wider but within under your shoulders.

Keep your body in a straight line from your head to heels.

2. Bend your elbows bringing it to a 45-degree angle from your body.

3. Lower your chest toward the ground. Inhale as you do each movement.

4. Bring your right knee towards your elbow with your chest lifted about an inch from the mat.

5. Do the reverse. Extend your elbows so it presses to a plank position while extending your knee and bring your right foot down to the floor.

6. Repeat the movement, this time allow your left elbow to touch your left knee.

7. You have now completed one set of the Spiderman Pushup.

Complete about 8 sets on each side for a complete workout. Before standing up, position your knees to the ground, kneel, and stand up.

Variations to Spiderman Pushups

If you are a beginner, you may find it difficult to do Spiderman Pushups. However, with some practice, your mind and body will get used to the regimen.

This will allow you to fully benefit from complete Spiderman Pushups.

Here are variations of the Spiderman Pushups:

• Elevated Spiderman Pushups

When in a starting position, place your hands in a higher position. A bar or weight bench can help get you in this position.

Place your hand and do the movement as though you are doing it on the floor.

In this version of a Spiderman Pushup, the higher you are in a plank position, the easier it is for you to press up.

Decrease the height of your plank until you will be able to achieve the horizontal level.

• TRX Spiderman Push Ups

The TRX Spiderman push-ups entail placing your feet on the handles of any equipment.

This is a more difficult way of doing Spiderman Pushups because your legs are not in a regular plan position.

• Walking Spiderman Pushup

The Walking Spiderman Pushups are for those who have been doing the regular Spiderman Pushups for quite some time. This is how to do the Walking Spiderman Pushup.

1. Go to a plank position like the regular Spiderman Pushup.

2. With your right hand, move forward. Bend your elbow to your chest toward the floor while drawing your left knee out and up.

Your goal is to place your knee on your left elbow.

3. Get back to a plank while extending your elbows. Bring your foot back to the ground with your knees slightly bent.

4. Bring your left hand forward on the ground as you end your Pushup.

5. Do the Pushup again starting with your right knee out and up and position it on top of your right elbow.

6. Do more Pushups on alternate sides as you “walk” forward.

This exercise helps develop your endurance and functional strength

Common Mistakes

It is not easy to do Spiderman Pushups. Your goal is to keep your body straight on the floor while doing the push ups. Your body should be tight on the floor, too.

There are some common mistakes, most done unknowingly when doing Spiderman Pushups. These mistakes can affect the overall effectiveness of Spiderman Pushups.

As is common with all forms of Pushups, there are also common mistakes people are prone to do while performing Spiderman Pushups

• Sagging Hips

Your hips will tend to sag when you do not properly use your hips while doing the push-ups. You will strain your lower back, too that can lead to pain or injury.

Try doing a Spiderman Pushup in front of a mirror so you can check on your hip and back alignment.

• Elbows too Close to your Torso

When you lower your body for a Spiderman Pushup, make sure your torso and upper arm are at a 45-degree angle.

Your elbows should be back and out. Men are the ones who often commit this mistake.

• Butt is in the Air

Another common mistake in doing Spiderman Pushups is allowing your butt to be in the air.

This mistake is often done unknowingly because you are focusing too much on the movement of your legs.

The point is, you need to move your legs while maintaining a straight body on the floor.

However, the Pushup becomes easier when your butt is in the air and supports less of your weight.

You need to avoid this mistake because with your butt in place, some tension is taken away from your core. This makes the push up easier to complete.

Practice doing your Spiderman Pushup in front of a mirror and check if your butt is creating an inverted “V” with your hips on top. Engage it with your core.

• Your Elbows are too Far Away from your Body

Another common mistake while doing the Spiderman Pushup is having your elbows too outward at about a 90-degree angle or too far away from your body.

Avoid doing this you will be prone to stress your shoulders and elbows.

Always check the placement of your hand. Your palms should be wider than your shoulder-width apart.

Again, perform the Spiderman Pushup in front of the mirror to check that your elbows are not too far away from your body.

• Your Head Craning Forward or Hanging between your Arms

This is referred to as doing the Spiderman Pushup with poor alignment of the neck. Your spine, from the neck to the hips, needs to be aligned and neutral.

Many people who do Spiderman push-ups tend to have their necks positioned between their arms when doing the Spiderman Pushup.

Again, your spine needs to be aligned with your neck. If you can see it is not, adjust the position of your head.

• Not Going Low Enough

In a Spiderman Pushup, there is a tendency to focus on leg movements and your arm.

Truth is, you need to pay attention to how low you can go while doing Spiderman Pushups.

The most ideal is to go as low as where both your arms bend to about a 90-degree angle.

To avoid most of the common mistakes, watch and learn videos or experts on the right way to do Spiderman Pushups. Practice the right form in doing the Spiderman Pushups.

Doing the Spiderman push-ups correctly will allow you to gain all the benefits of this exercise and maximize its effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

Many people have been into doing Pushups for quite some time. The traditional movements of Pushups tend to be boring over time.

If you want to get the most out of your workouts focusing on your upper body, try the Spiderman Pushups.

 Ann Roberts

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