Running to Lose Weight – 5 Pro Tips To Reach Goals Easier!

Running to Lose Weight

If you want a weight loss routine, cycling, swimming, skipping, and running are great options for losing weight. You’ll need a bike, access to a pool, and join a gym – or maybe not. Seems you’ll need a fat salary to get started – but no! All you’ll need is a good pair of rubber shoes to lose weight while running.

Running To Lose Weight? The 5 pro tips are listed below – Set Goals, Use Proper Gear, Have Running Routine, Make Lifestyle Changes, Get a Running Buddy! All great ideas that work and we’ll tell you how….

Five Pro Running Tips to Lose Weight

So, you’ve decided to use running to achieve your ‘lose weight fast’ goal. This is an excellent decision because combined with a healthy diet, running is an effective way to slim fast, especially if you don’t usually engage in many physical activities.

While running sounds and seems easy, you’ll need to approach it professionally to ensure that you lose weight fast.

Here Are Five Pro Tips To Ensure Just That:

1.      Set Goals

Everyone has a unique body type with an ideal weight to ensure optimal health. It is not right to just follow the weight goal of anyone.

Be wise and have your body composition (muscle-to-fat ratio) measured by a professional to determine how many pounds you need to lose.

It’s only then that you can set your weight loss goals.

In setting goals, you need to determine how many calories you need to stay healthy while running to lose weight fast.

On average, you need to consume 2,100 calories a day if you are a 30ish-year old 5’7 active woman weighing 150 pounds.

If you want to lose weight, you need to reduce your total calorie intake through an exercise like running or eating less.

Be realistic in setting goals. It is better to gradually lose weight by cutting about 300 calories a day.

2.     Use the Proper Gear

To run, all you need is a pair of working legs, and a place to run. However, you can invest in some optional gear to make running to slim, fast, more effortless, and enjoyable.

Good Pair Of Running Shoes.

If you want to go into serious running, invest in a comfortable pair of running shoes.

Your feet will take a lot of beating while running, and a good pair of running shoes will keep your toes comfortable.

Wearing A Watch

Allows you to keep track of time, especially if you are working on increasing your running time minutes.

A Heart Rate Monitor

Shows how fast your heart is beating. When running, you need to be within your target heart rate.

Running is a vigorous activity causing your heart to work harder and thus beat faster. A heart rate monitor will tell you if you are getting the right results or pushing yourself too hard.

Running is a simple thing to do because all you need to do is go outdoors and run. If you live in cold climates and running outdoors is not an option, you can choose to run indoors on a treadmill.

3.     Have a Running Routine

In everything you do, a routine helps you develop a habit. If you are new to running, start by walking to condition your body. Start with a short 20-minute walk and increase to longer ones.

If you have run in the past but haven’t done so for a while, start alternating running and walking in a single session. After a few sessions, run longer minutes.

Keep in mind that running at a slow pace for 30 minutes burns more calories than running at a fast pace for 10 minutes.

If you are running at a slow pace, make sure to run many times a week. Running at a fast pace will exhaust you more and discourage you from running as often.

Slowly increase the distance you run overtime. Aim to increase your mileage by about 10% every week. This will help you develop endurance, allowing you to slim fast.

4.     Make Lifestyle Changes

Always keep track of your calorie intake. Some people are not successful in losing weight by running because they do not keep track of their calories and general food intake.

If you overeat, you will still gain weight even if you run regularly.

Measure your food intake and write everything down in a journal. Some apps can help you monitor your food intake.

When you are into running to lose weight fast, make sure you are healthy by eating a balanced meal consisting of carbohydrates, vegetables, and many proteins.

On days when you are running hard, add more proteins to your meals.

It is important not to indulge after running. Stick to a balanced diet so you will quickly be slim. Choose to eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes. These foods will make you full – but don’t pack on too many calories.

While doing some lifestyle changes, stick to your regular physical activity. It isn’t right to cut down on your activities for the rest of the day just because you were running in the morning.

Be mindful of this because you will not even notice that you are decreasing your activity.

5.     Find a Running Buddy

Running with a buddy allows social and therapeutic interactions. Many studies reveal that running with a buddy increases your motivation to run harder and more often.

Running is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Do it right with a healthy diet and meet your weight loss goals in no time.

How running can make you Lose weight

The first three options.

Running is a simple and easy fitness and fat loss activity because you don’t need any special equipment or gadgets. You can do it anytime and anywhere.

As they say, if you can put one foot in front of the other, then running is probably your best option to shed some pounds.

Running has many health benefits. It is also one of the best workout routines you can do to lose weight.

Running Burns More Calories than Most Exercise Routines

To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. Exercise is an excellent way to do so.

However, running burns more calories than most exercise types because when you run, many of your muscles work hard together.

Studies reveal that running one mile on the track can burn 35 more calories than walking on average. Running one mile on the treadmill can also burn 33 more calories than walking.

A Harvard University Report says that a person weighing 155 pounds who runs at moderate speed for 30 minutes (at 6 miles per hour) can burn up to 372 calories.

Medical News Today states that “If a person who weighs 160 pounds runs at 6 miles per hour (mph), they can burn 364 calories in 30 minutes or 3 miles.

Running faster, or alternating sprinting with jogging, may further increase the number of calories that a person burns”.

Running Reduces Belly Fat

Belly fat increases your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and many other diseases. Moderate to high intensity running can reduce your belly fat even if you do not change your diet.

Running Helps you Eat Less.

Many people eat less or go on a specific diet to reduce their calorie intake. Many times, these strategies often lead to hunger, making you eat more on your next meal.

Many studies reveal that you can reduce your hunger after a high intensity run.

The response of your body to high-intensity running is still unclear.

However, many experts say your appetite is reduced because of the lowering of the production of your hunger hormones and the increased production of your satiety hormones.

Calories Continue To Be Burned After Running

Regular exercise will help you lose weight fast, but you continue to burn calories even after a high intensity run, such as intervals and hill runs, and sprints.

You continue to burn calories up to 48 hours after high intensity running, such as hill repeats and interval runs.

High intensity running makes you use many of your muscles that need more energy to recover (afterburn effect); thus, you continue to burn calories after running.

Final Thoughts

You never think of running as an aerobic exercise, but it is. So is jogging. The difference between the two is pace. By running you burn more calories than when jogging – so you run.

Running has more benefits than weight loss. Go in the early morning if you can because it really ‘sets you up for the day’. It has this ‘feel good’ effect on people and, after a while, it will become part of your ‘happy life’ and you’ll begin to want to run at the weekends because it makes you feel so good, fit, healthy and happy!

Have fun with it!

Ann Roberts


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