How To Tone your Body from Plain to Sexy!

How To Tone your Body from Plain to Sexy!

Most of us lead a busy work life. We’re toning up every day for five days of the week (in addition to working), and it can get tricky!

Body training from plain to sexy has to be fun. It should be a laugh. Maybe a group thing. It shouldn’t cease to be enjoyable; it must always be the good fun you look forward to and are sad when it’s all over. If your enthusiasm wains, and you do it mechanically ‘cos you want to look fit: it’s devoid of pleasure – and it should always be joyful and jubilant!

 Vast Amounts of Women

Vast amounts of women find the processes they go through quite enjoyable and relaxing. They spend time doing these workouts and feeling comforted and calmed, as it is executing a yoga workout – and that’s good and healthy for them. But not for all of us.

Healthy and Toned

Don’t get me wrong. We all want to be healthy and toned, and at peace. But some don’t find it as therapeutic as we’d like because we’d like to complete it more quickly.

That’s so we can spend more time on other beneficial things to our karma, psyche, and feeling of well-being and positivity.

We’ve heard that you can completely change your body in a short space of time – say about three months. That’s brilliant, we thought, and decided to see if those claims were valid!

Let’s begin, and we’ll start by seeing in your mind’s eye your body in its complete state, with the thought that exercise schedules will regulate weight.


The Push Up is excellent for toning muscles in the chest, triceps, front of shoulders, and arms.

  • Stand with your arms out in front of you; your body will be in a plank position, with tight abs.
  • Your body should be dropped until the chest is an inch above the floor, elbows pulled back at about a 45-degree angle.
  • Your torso should be pushed from the ground until your arms lock. Please repeat these exercises.


A lower body workout includes squats. They work the major muscle group of thighs, hips, and butt.

  • Stand with a straight back, shoulders down, toes slightly pointed, feet slightly apart.
  • Set your back straight, lower your body down, and lean back as if you were sitting in a chair – parallel to the ground.
  • Knees are not to pass over toes and keep abs tight to make a straight spine. Rise back up slowly and repeat.

Muscle Toning for Thigh and Butt

Try some of these to sculpt your butt and thigh muscles.

  • Stretch one leg straight as possible and not let it go to the side or bend while raising or stretching the opposite arm at the same time. Repeat often on each side.

Up and Down the Stairs

You will help yourself by finding a set of stairs.

  • and step up on each stair then drop your heels
  • then, raise up as high as you can and drop below again.
  • Looking after your calves is something most people neglect.

Ab Exercises

If you want to maintain strong abs and help to prevent back pain, boost your agility, and increase your flexibility – then this is your exercise!

  • Lie on your back with your arms stretched up; slowly raise one of your legs bent at the knee; touch it with your hand.
  • Return to the first position on the back and repeat with other leg and arm – left arm goes to the left leg, and the right arm goes to the right leg.

Abs and Butt

These are quick abs and glute workouts for the best butt and abs ever!

  • Prop yourself up on hands and feet, so your body forms a triangle above the floor.
  • Get one of your legs as high as you can, then slowly lower it and try to touch the tip of your nose with your knee.
  • Return to the first position and the same thing with another leg.


Find the right mix of exercise targeting your core muscles and increasing your metabolism to get the perfect waist.

  • Place your legs wide apart and bent at knees; take up the initial position with your back propped against the wall.
  • Intertwine your fingers and move hands side to side, trying to touch the wall with them and keeping upright.


This is to get you to build strength in your upper and lower core as a full-body workout.

  • Get into a press-up position.
  • Bend your elbows, rest weight on your forearms and not on your hands
  • Make your body form a straight line from shoulders to ankles.
  • Engage your core by sucking your belly button into your spine
  • Hold this position for the prescribed time.

Do these exercises every day for five days of five weeks, and see how your body responds to it.

Obviously, there’s a diet involved that isn’t quite as precise. The basics of the diet are:


  • No sugar – or as little as possible
  • No salt     – or as little as possible – other spices can make food taste better than salt and pepper
  • Lots of fruit
  • Lots of Veggies
  • Some Chicken and Fish.
  • Plenty of beans
  • Don’t overeat – eat until you’re almost full.
  • Don’t undereat; eat until you’re almost full!
  • Don’t fill your plate – make a point of having about six tiny meals a day.

Commit Yourself

It’s great to have a fantastic body that is beautifully toned, and others look at you in huge admiration. How could anyone resist that?

But you have to commit yourself to accomplish it. This is not a matter of hit and miss. It’s something that you commit to and don’t give up on.

You sculpt your body, which takes very hard work and pure resolve to accomplish your aim.

Fooling Your Body

It is said that it’s a great idea to work out first thing in the morning before your brain has figured out what you’re doing!

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy it, have fun with it, and don’t be so harsh with yourself that your expectations are too high to make things pleasurable.

Treat Yourself

Don’t forget to treat yourself and have a facial and all the other things you dream about – whether it’s a day at the spa or a day going horse-riding, or a day doing something you’ve never done before – whatever it is, always remember to reward yourself.

Start in Spring

Most people chose Spring to smarten up for the summer.

Still, some people do this during Winter so that at the first sign of Spring, you and your body will be ready to immediately enjoy all the prizes that come to us as the seasons get warmer, and we feel freer to show off our wonderfully toned bodies.

If you slip up one day and eat something overly indulgent or maybe fail to do some repeats on a couple of exercises on your workout, don’t worry; it’s all good.

You can’t have done any damage with such slight slip-ups.

Tone Your Body – Tone Your Mind – Reduce Stress

  • While you’re working on getting your body toned, doing the exercises, and massaging with various creams once the exercises are over, something happens, and your body gets the message that it’s being cared for.
  • Strange but true, the body responds well to this. It likes being cared for, and so, it does a better job when reaching pre-set goals.
  • It’s quite a strange story, and yet it’s true that your body enjoys being taken care of.
  • It encourages pride in one’s self and general happiness overall. It also gives us the ability to handle stress with more confidence and the ability to make decisions.
  • Surprisingly, it might also mean the possibility of living longer – who knows???


  • I know that if you’re happy with your life and yourself, it has a very positive impact on everything that used to annoy you and makes everything more optimistic and encouraging.
  • Just like the chicken and the egg story – I don’t know which came first – the happiness or the healthiness, and I don’t much care; the main thing is to be aware of the positives and hold them close.


We are repeatedly told that we should include more vegetables in our diet, and so do some other people in the office at lunchtime.

  • Image running past all the open-door offices at midday and seeing everyone munching on carrots or celery sticks or whatever – how healthy!

Be Kind

If you have never done this type of thing before, please be kind to your body throughout the whole toning program.

The reason is it could be quite a shock– both from the food aspect and the toning angle.

  • If someone told you that exercises prevent back pain and maintain your health, then they told you to write down the one main important thing to you – either exercise or diet – you’d probably all write diet.
  • Don’t let diet and exercise become the big grey holes that no one can pass; – don’t let fitness become the elephant in the room.
  • Don’t let yourself become the hypocrite that praises it regularly yet never practices any of it!
  • When one of your friends asks you if you think she should start the diet or the exercises first, be kind.
  • Your other friends will speak 3000 words (you know, because you counted them) regarding whether or not she should try to do it again.
  • Be kind and explain to her that to get something out of it, you have to put something into it first– not just talk about it.

Better not to Talk About it

The more you talk about it, the more you set yourself up as a target who people will approach and try and speak out of, making yourself fitter and healthier.

Temptation’s on the Way

  • We can’t tell you why they do this, but they are unremorseful in their relentless efforts to try to get you to give up and eat this wonderful apple pie and custard.
  • It might not sound good when you can eat what you like, but apple pie and custard sounds positively gourmet and tempting like nothing else once the diet is in place!

Raw and Rustic

  • We eat a raw vegetable (a carrot) every morning at the office – that’s our breakfast – and people have probably gotten used to seeing that by now.

Stick It

We wonder how we’d feel if someone dashed past our offices and they were quite ostentatiously eating:

  • a carrot wrapped up in a lettuce leaf or a stick of celery, filled with cream cheese,
  • slices of plain, raw, beetroot wrapped in raw spinach;
  • spinach leaves raw, buttered with cream cheese!

We’d probably feel supported (or guilty if we’d just cheated), but we’d fool ok.

Licorice or Jelly Babies

  • The point is that you become what you eat – metaphorically.
  • We’d instead,  turn into a healthy carrot than some dribble ice cream! We’d also be a stick of celery instead of a jelly baby or a piece of jam on toast.
  • When you look at those choices – there are no real choices, and it all comes back to being healthy again.
  • You could have a stick of licorice but not a bar of sherbet lemon. It’s not all that difficult – it just makes more common sense.

Try Different Foods

All you must do is make your body healthy and toned and introduce it to some foods mentioned above.

  • Some of them may sound yukky, but they’re not; they’re great and taste good.
  • You probably never thought you could eat a trimmed, raw beetroot before, fried sliced Brussel sprouts, which go well with small roast potatoes, and small sliced fried onions.
  • We love to eat plain beetroot with natural plain Greek Yogurt. And cracked black pepper!
  • Try some of these, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

You should easily adapt to the stairs program quickly and be stunning, dashing up and down all over the house before long.

We think many of these things we do are automatic to us (with a few modifications) when we do our housework or when we’re only running around looking after the kids and generally keeping house.

Final Thoughts

Everyone wants to be sexy – they don’t want to put in the work.


very few of us are born with bodies that, when we grow up, are well-toned and sexy.

Those people are usually called models! Yet Models also work hard at keeping what they have, look toned and sexy.

If you want it, you must work for it. All you need to do is follow the details in this article, and in a short space of time, you’ll be achieving your objective and toning your body from plain to sexy!!

More importantly, you’ll be having fun. You’ll be laughing out loud and generally feeling the joy and happiness of a fit and sexy body, and a  healthy mind!


Ann Roberts

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