20 Minute Yoga Workout for Weight Loss

20 Minute Yoga Workout for Weight Loss

Yoga is an ancient meditation and practice that gradually became popular until, especially in today’s society, it is a ‘standard go to’ for many stressed business people. One of the best benefits of yoga is to provide a retreat from the busy and chaotic work life of many people who are executives or who are fitness fanatics.

Some benefits of yoga are a better body image. Helps you become a mindful eater, enhances fitness, weight loss, and also benefits your cardiovascular system. The dominating reason why a lot of people do yoga is to help them burn a few pounds and boost their flexibility and strength. All the details to do that are right here.

In a study conducted by Harvard Medical School, yoga provides several physical and mental benefits.

Some of the benefits of yoga are to give you a better body image, help you become a mindful eater, enhance fitness, weight loss, and it also benefits your cardiovascular system.

The dominating reason why a lot of people do yoga is to help them burn a few pounds and boost their flexibility and strength.

If you are thinking of doing yoga to achieve some weight loss, then you are reading the right article for here we will be discussing the best yoga workout for you.

The workout that is itemized for you in this article, is for those people who are considering to use yoga to lose weight, improve their flexibility, and even for yoga beginners.

If you have been doing yoga for quite some time then you can still check out the yoga poses that you can maximize for your workout. Here are the yoga workout poses for your weight loss with helpful tips and instructions on how you can do it.

Plank Pose

To do this, you need to firmly grip the yoga mat, round your shoulders and your upper back. Make sure to keep your butt in line with the rest of the body. Also, never let your body sag and maintain a good position.

Stay tight and firm, and your abs will surely acquire a direct impact from this position and it will do all the work for you. Hold for this position in 30 seconds or work until 2 minutes.

Boat Pose

Slowly and carefully raise your legs until you reach 45-degrees using your body arms that will help you acquire balance. If you feel that you are balanced or steady, then slowly raise your arms towards the outside of your knees.

To do this position, hold for 30 seconds and work out to reach a balanced position until you reach a minute.

Side Plank Variation

You can start the side plank pose by placing your left hand on the yoga mat directly beneath your left shoulder while your feet are placed at an angle. After this, slowly reach out your right leg up towards your right arm.

Slowly grab your toes, if you can, do it as you maintain in keeping your right leg straight. This yoga position requires great flexibility in your legs. However, if you cannot have your legs straight, then you can bend your knee slightly.

Bridge Variation

Do this yoga position by laying first flat on the ground. Let your knees bent while your heels touch your butt. Carefully use your glutes and body core to lift yourself upward as you balance on your shoulders and feet.

Slowly reach your arms underneath and adjust your shoulders to let you raise yourself higher if you can. After doing this, slowly lift your right leg and hold and let your left knee be at a 90-degree angle.

Hold this position for 30 seconds and perform both sides.

Upward Reverse Plank Pose

Start by doing a sitting position while your legs are out in front of you. Place your hands underneath your shoulders.

Use your glutes and body core to slowly lift your body until the pelvis is directly forming a straight line together with the rest of the body. You can do this position for 30 seconds.

Superman Pose

For the superman pose, slowly and gently raise your arms, chest, head, and feet all at the same time. Let your lower hips and belly remain flat on the ground.

You can raise them as high as you can do it and hold. Make sure that your gaze is straight ahead of you. Hold for 30 seconds until you reach a full minute.

If you are feeling tired, you can take a pause or you can also choose other calm yoga practices to help you with your workout.

Half Moon Pose

Try out to gently stack your hips so that your overall body will be pointing outwards and open. Make sure to do it not pointing downwards towards the mat.

After this, point your right foot out to the side and not on the floor. If you think you have less flexibility to reach out to the floor as you keep your left leg straight, then you can slowly bend your left knee slightly to help your hand touch the floor.

Other people modify this pose to include in reaching the right arm to the floor. This can help you have balance and reach your left arm towards your knee, instead of the floor itself.

You can do this pose as you hold for 30 seconds and perform for both sides.

Side Angle Pose

This pose begins through a lunge position with the left knee bent forward at a 90-degree angle. Let your right leg be positioned straight back together with your toes pointed forward.

After doing this, slowly bend your left elbow and let it take a rest on your right knee. You can also reach it down towards the ground to increase your stretch if you can.

Reach your right arm up behind so that you can have it form a straight line together with your right leg. You can increase the stretch of your side body through reaching out farther with your right fingertips.

Hold it for 30 seconds and repeat it for both sides.

Side Plank Variation

Start by doing a side pose with your right hand placed on the mat beneath your right shoulders and feel at an angle. Gently reach your leg around and let it reach the front of your right leg.

Bend your knee so that it will reach a 90-degree angle. Reach out to your left arm toward the ceiling and have it gaze lift upward. Perform it on both sides and hold for a full 30 seconds or add more time if you can do it longer.

Four-Limbed Staff Pose

Start by doing a plan position, then slowly lower your body down until your torso is placed parallel to your triceps and upper arms. In doing this, make sure that your butt is lifted to be higher than your torso and your belly should not sag.

Stay firm in doing this position. Try to hold this position for 10 seconds and work up to reaching 30 seconds to one minute.

Crow Pose

This is an advanced position and it can be included to help you in accelerating the level of challenge that you give yourself.

Start with a squat position as the heels of your hands are placed in front of you. Slowly come up to your toes and place the knees in your upper arms and make sure that it is close to your armpits.

Carefully shift your weight forward until your feet are coming off the ground and your arms are fully supporting your weight. You can modify it if you find it hard, by placing your knees closer to your elbows.

You can do this for 30 seconds or as long as you can do it.

Wheel Pose

This is another advanced position. Start by being flat on your back together with your heels touching your butt and your knees bent.

Slowly bend your elbows and place your palms face down and gently push yourself up using your feet and arms. Hold this for 30 seconds or more.

You Can Do It!

In doing this workout, you can hold each pose for 30 seconds (have it longer if you want). After you have completed all the 12 poses, you can rest for 1 minute.

Then, you can repeat the workout and make sure to switch sides on doing the yoga poses.

After the second round, rest for an additional minute and complete the poses for the third time.

Final Thoughts

 In this 20 minute yoga workout for weight loss you will benefit from so much more.

Sure, you will become so much more flexible and that’s a huge bonus, but you will find peace of mind and you can’t put a price on that!

Ann Roberts

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