11 Common Mistakes that Yogis Make When Trying to Lose Weight

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Yoga is an excellent form of exercise, and many Yogis swear it can also help you lose weight. Yoga, as a workout, is good for the body and mind. It can help strengthen your flexibility and strength and works wonders about reducing stress and anxiety.

The 11 Mistakes made by Yogis are: No Detailed Plan, Wrong Weight Loss Poses, No Schedule, Wrong Breathing Technique, Overdoing It, Pushing Too Hard, Rushing It, Wrong Diet, Stress, Wrong Goal, Not Recording Progress. We’ve added the reasons why and what you should do instead. 


The 11 Common Mistakes that Yogis Make when Trying to Lose Weight

When done daily and correctly, yoga can also make you slim fast. Unfortunately, as a Yogi attempting to lose Weight, you tend to make some common mistakes along the way. Here are some common mistakes you need to avoid, especially if you’re a novice.

1.      Not Having A Detailed Plan.

Many people go to yoga classes to lose weight without having a detailed plan to help them get the most out of this weight loss strategy.

A common mistake when not having a comprehensive plan is attending the wrong class.

Advanced classes will help you lose weight fast but avoid enrolling in these classes when you are just a beginner.

This is because you need to start with the basics and get your body in form first.

Check out the yoga studio you plan to go to. They usually offer beginner and advanced classes to help your body naturally benefit from yoga.

2.     Not Making The Right Weight Loss Poses.

Different yoga poses have different goals. Some poses will help your fat loss goals, and some poses will make your body more flexible.

You should know the purposes of the different poses so you can choose the best possess for your weight loss goals.

3.     Not Having A Schedule.

If you intend to lose weight with yoga, you need to have a schedule and make sure you follow it. You must develop a routine that you’re comfortable with, otherwise, it will be a futile weight loss strategy.

Sporadic yoga workouts will not lead you to a successful path in weight loss.

Create a program with a schedule you can maintain on a long term basis and keep up with it.

Make yoga a habit by doing it at least three times a week for maximum fat burning. Doing yoga once or twice a week will not make you lose as much weight.

4.     Not Having The Right Breathing Technique.

You exhale through your breath over 80% of fat cells when you are trying to lose weight.

It is, therefore, important that you breathe correctly, without overdoing or breathing too little when doing your poses to achieve the best results.

Incorrect breathing techniques will not make you gain your weight loss goals from yoga.

No matter how perfectly you execute a yoga post or the length of time you hold it, you will not achieve your weight loss goal if you are not breathing correctly.

5.     Overdoing Your Yoga Poses

Each yoga posture has a purpose. It needs to be done correctly and as directed. If you are already good at many yoga postures, it is still not right to overdo them.

You should avoid stretching beyond your limit or holding a posture longer than what your body allows.

6.      Pushing Yourself Too Hard

Fat loss with yoga does not happen overnight. It will take time for your body to get used to yoga before gradually showing results.

You need to be patient and avoid pushing yourself too hard to work on your weight loss yoga routine consistently.

 7.     Practicing In A Rush

Yoga cannot be done in a rush because you need to be calm and relaxed. You need to schedule your yoga sessions and block off the time.

If you want to lose weight through yoga, dedicate enough time to it.

8.     Not Following A Proper Diet.

You will only get the full benefits of yoga by taking care of your body’s overall function. It is essential to eat healthy food and drink the recommended amount of water.

Avoid indulging in fast food and junk food. Yoga is an excellent resource for fat loss. You, however, cannot expect to lose weight if you continue to eat unhealthy food.

Eating healthy food will supplement your yoga practices to slim fast. A calm yoga practice is not a license to neglect your diet when you are trying to lose weight.

9.     Adding Pressure And Stress

Avoid practicing yoga to slim fast when you are under stress. Yoga will only work well when your mind is free of any pressure and stress.

Relaxing allows your cortisol levels to drop and thus to relax your muscles.

Avoid skipping relaxation because it allows your body to burn fats fast.

10.     Concentrating On The Perfect Pose

Yoga does not have a perfect pose. Instead of having an ideal posture, focus on bettering yourself every session.

Challenge yourself, and fat burning will come naturally.

11.     Not Keeping Track Of Your Progress.

Many Yogis just focus on their practices and forget to keep track of their progress. You have a weight loss goal, and you have chosen yoga to achieve this goal.

Make it a point to weigh yourself every week to track the number of pounds you are losing.

Knowing how much weight you have lost so far is an excellent motivating factor to keep you going.

Have a journal and jot down your measurements, Weight, and progress from different yoga poses.

Looking at the mirror may show that you have lost weight. You may also feel that you have lost weight.

Your journal, however, is solid proof that you are on the right track in your fast weight loss goal.

How Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight

You can lose weight fast with yoga because it stretches, strengthens, and calms your body.

1.      Yoga Strengthens Your Muscles.

Yoga poses are not easy to execute because they overexert your muscles. They, however, improve your overall flexibility and strength, in the long run boosting your other workout exercises.

The more flexible your body, the better you will do your other workout exercises.

Yoga will make your muscles work to the fullest and allow you to get the most of each of your workout exercises.

2.     Yoga Lowers Stress Levels.

Low-stress levels can benefit your mind and body, and yoga is known to burst stress levels. Yoga lowers your stress levels by reducing cortisol (stress hormones).

Cortisol contributes to weight gain because it sends signals to your brain to crave glucose to maintain your blood sugar levels. This, in turn, can make you overeat and thus gain weight.

Stress can also cause you to gain weight, especially belly fat. Lowering your cortisol levels can help prevent your body from retaining belly fat.

3.     Yoga Tones Your Abs

Some yoga poses focus on your body’s core and create abdominal strength. You can try certain poses, such as the Anantasana Pose and slim fast in the process.

The Anantasana Pose tones your ab muscles and when you stretch it focuses on both sides of your belly. It also works to improve digestion and blood circulation for fast firming.

4.     Yoga Gives You A Healthy Mindset.

Yoga gives you a healthy mindset, which is one of the most effective ways to lose weight fast. It is said that yoga trains your mind and body to have a healthy lifestyle. If you are into yoga, you tend to treat your body differently.

Treating your body differently can make you choose better foods, maximize sleep, and practice self-love. All these can help you slim fast.

5.     Yoga Is An Aerobic Exercise.

Yoga is an aerobic exercise because yoga postures make you move your body for an extended time contributing to weight loss.

Yoga also exerts your cardio-respiratory system; thus, you use more energy to keep your body at pace. More intense yoga exercises make you lose calories fast.

Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss

All forms of yoga improve body movement and help you breathe better. Specific yoga exercises are effective for fat loss. If you do yoga exercises with many movements, you will surely lose weight with yoga.

Yoga can help you shed pounds by joining classes that focus on as many movements as possible (power flow, Ashtanga, or vinyasa).

The actions of these yoga exercises are intense, so the postures and sequences will strengthen and promote cardiovascular endurance.

You can also supplement your yoga exercises with some cardio and strength training.

You can lose weight with these yoga poses. These yoga poses will help you build muscle tone, more flexibility, and, more importantly, help you burn fats.

  • Paripurna Navasana or the Boat Pose
  • Marichyasana I or Pose for the Sage Marichi I
  • Utthita Parsvakonasana or Extended Side Angle Pose
  • Purvottanasana or Upward Plank Pose
  • Chaturanga Dandasana or Four-Limbed Staff Pose
  • Virabhadrasana II or Warrior II Pose
  • Paschimottanasana or Seated forward bend
  • Urdhva Mukha Svanasana or Upward-facing dog pose

Do these yoga poses correctly and you’ll be on the road to losing weight fast.

Many yoga postures can help in your lose weight goal.

The best way to achieve your goal is to have a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, and avoid the common mistakes when practising yoga to lose weight.

Yoga, done with the right mindset and correct poses, allows you to gradually lose weight by about 1 to 2 pounds per week.

Final Thoughts on Common Mistakes that Yogis Make When Trying to Lose Weight

Yoga will give you good results if you want to lose weight fast. While it is one of the most underrated fat-burning exercises, many conclusive studies have proven that yoga has helped many people slim fast.

It also has an amazing effect on lowering stress levels, controlling cravings, and helping build calorie-burning muscles.

Yoga is really one of the healthiest ways of life as it deals with body and mind.

It keeps the body slim, toned, healthy, and flexible.

The mind responds by calming down,  becoming stress free, and obtaining more enjoyment from life.

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